I miei servizi

Professional translations and interpreting

Professional translation and interpreter add quality. Translating the documentation of your product/service, but also the presence of an expert interpreter for your business communication, ensures that the customer is able to make the most of what you can offer, but also fully understand the values of your company. 

Legalised translations 

For European law firms and corporate legal departments, I provide professional translation services as well as multilingual dispute support with accurately translated documentation.  My customers tell me that I am reliable, always crreative and that I can build a customized service package for each of them. 


I work closely with the internal marketing department of wwm communication to ensure the best international marketing strategy, to achieve the right goals and get the maximum profit from the campaigns carried out.


To be successful, language marketing must ensure the same results as marketing in the original language and the certainty of its advantages is realized by carrying out an analysis and a series of activities more structured than simple translation.


The translation of marketing texts, the preparation of images and the graphic layout are a particularly complex task as it is necessary to standardize the transposition of content.